What's New

ProHair Fiber Extensions

ProHair Extensions give you the power to change your look and give you a hairstyle you can wear for three to four months. ProHair Extensions work without glue or adhesives, leaving your hair in the best possible condition.

Balmain Hair

"They want you to think hair is hair. Well, it's not just hair. It's Balmain Hair". 

Balmain Hair is continuously developing new techniques and products and has a wide range of products. Not only do we offer different product lines and hair care, we also train people and spread our philosophy.

Fine Featherheads

Fine Featherheads - The Original Feather Hair Extension. We're more than a product, we're a community. A Revolution. We're a Tribe of individuals that have found a Common Cause. A Beautiful Creation, an Inspiration.

We use only the highest quality REAL feathers from farm raised birds to produce the finest Feather Hair Extensions found anywhere in the world. From Long to short, wide to thin, we even have Pet Plumes - Feather Trends for your Furry Friends!